I was born in Vienna and spent most of my childhood in Lower Austria. I also spent one year in the US where my father was working at the time. After moving to Vienna, I graduated from a classical language high school – amazingly enough in Austria we still have schools that teach Latin and Greek :) – and decided on studying medicine. During my time at university I began taking courses in various types of coaching and energy work. I have been giving healing sessions since 2005.


Medical Degree at the Medical University of Vienna

Participation in CEPAS (Centro de estudos e promoção em alternativas de saúde), a project of the University for Social Medicine in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brasil
Internship at the department of neuro-rehabilitation at Vienna General Hospital
Internship at the department of general surgery at Vienna General Hospital
Internship at the department of Internal Medicine at Schwerpunktkrankenhaus Mistelbach
Internship at the department of Internal Medicine at the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital, London, England

Participation in the 3rd Annual Meeting of the World Organisation of Natural Medicine Practitioners (WONMP) in Quito, Ecuador

Energy Healing

3-year training in energy work, followed by trainer’s training with Gabriele M. Zsifkovits in Vienna


2-year training becoming a certified OMEGA-Health-Coach and LIFE-Coach at the Roy Martina Academy, Germany

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Adding a whole new dimension to my medical knowledge, I took several courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Austrian Society of Acupuncture.

IntegralHumanDesign and HealthDesign

IntegralHumanDesign training with Werner Pitzal & Andreas Ebhart
Venus Sequency seminar with Laura Pitzal-Bluma & Werner Pitzal
HealthDesign training with Nicole Neubauer & Andreas Ebhart

Additional Seminars and Workshops with

Rosalyn L. Bruyere (shaman and healer from California, USA)
Charles Matthews (shaman from Texas, USA)
Dr. Shabir Pandoor (doctor and kinesiologist from London, GB)
Dr. Michael Winer (healer from Oregon, USA)

Healing Work

In 2005 I started giving one-on-one healing sessions for people with a variety of concerns – health issues, as well as relationship issues, and spiritual questions.

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In the past couple of years, I have organised events for various international speakers in the field of healing and spirituality, including Sion Richard A. Windelov from New Zealand and Abdy Electriciteh, who is based in Costa Rica.


LECTURE on Emotional Healing in Cancer Patients at the “4th International Congress on Complementary Medicine and Cancer”
Congress Casino Baden, November 29th and 30th, 2007

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Consecutive interpreting from English into German at various spiritual events (e.g. workshops and events with Dr. Roy Martina, Jasmuheen, Erik Berglund, Dr. Todd Ovokaitis, Sion Richard A. Windelov, Dr. Michael Winer, Abdy Electriciteh, Patricia Angove, Tony Samara, Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue & Tina Daly, Mike Booth – director of Aura Soma Ltd.).