Why do I call my work EMOTIONAL healing?

The main focus of my work is on the emotional and energetic level. Whether the client’s issue is a health concern, a relationship problem, or a workplace challenge – emotions are always involved.

Emotions are part of our human experience – the goal is NOT NOT to have emotions! The goal is to feel our emotions and allow them to flow through us without identifying with them, and without judging them as “good” or “bad”, “pleasant” or “awful”. If we identify with an emotion and thus hold onto it, it becomes stuck – a block in our energy flow is born! And this block remains until it is resolved, until the emotion is felt, accepted and let go.

Healing involves releasing stuck energy and re-establishing the natural flow of our energy on all levels possible.

The relationship between our emotions and our physical body

The physical body responds to emotions. When we are worried or feel insecure, our hormones change and we might hunch our shoulders, our throats might feel tight, or we might feel pressure in the chest or stomach area.

Even though sensations are non-material but are “energy” in the broadest sense, they have a very direct influence on the physical body. This influence persists even if we are not aware of our feelings at the time or even if the feelings are forgotten or suppressed because they originated long ago. Any symptom or condition – be it a headache or cancer – makes what is happening on an energy level readily apparent and quite noticeable.

Important aspects of healing

Awareness – Awareness is the first step on the path of healing. Life can hold so many distractions that sometimes we do not realize what is going on in our bodies, how our interactions with certain people really make us feel, what nurtures us and what doesn’t.

Intention to heal – When we ask people if they want health in their lives, almost everyone answers, “Yes, of course! What a question!” Then why is it still so hard to let go of our emotions after all these years spent in the pursuit of healing and happiness? Wanting something with all our heart and mind is not enough for healing to take place. Our energy must be willing and able to move towards and through the blocks – because on the other side of our blocks is where our True Self is hiding.

Emotional process – Our behavior and reactions are often ruled by automatic patterns that seem almost impossible to break. The reason is that at the core of most thoughts and actions are unresolved emotions. When these emotions are released, our behavior, perception, and thinking change effortlessly. The emotional process is the practical application of the intention to heal. It guides us through our blocks and helps us release stored emotions.

Healing is an active process and I like to have my clients take their healing into their own hands. Self-responsibility is a key aspect in healing. I consider it essential to share tools and teach exercises to enhance awareness of the different aspects of our experience, to effectively heal emotions and to establish a palpable connection to the True Self.

The True Self – The True Self is at the core of who we genuinely are and through healing we can bring more of our True Self into our body, our life and our expression. Self-worth, self-esteem, acceptance, feelings of safety and validation – these qualities are inherent aspects of the True Self.

The intention to heal points the direction towards the True Self.
The emotional process shows how to walk the path, step by step.

Who would benefit from emotional healing?

Since emotions and feelings are at the core of our experience, anyone who would like assistance in the following areas of their life – regardless of age, origin or faith – would benefit from this work:

Relationships – The way we interact with others – be it in our family, with friends, partners or at work – can be greatly challenging. And the people closest to us are often the ones who trigger our strongest emotions, be it love or hate, joy or anger, need or grief after losing a loved one.

School & Workplace – Pressure to perform, fear of failure and dysfunctional interactions with peers, teachers or colleagues are issues that can be resolved with emotional healing.

Spirituality – Many people are on a path of „finding themselves“. Bookstores and magazines are full of information on how to find the path through the jungle. For those who are looking for a non-dogmatic way of getting in touch with who they truly are, I offer guidance, intuition, and experience.

Health – The body acts as a mirror of our energy – it reflects how our energy is flowing. A healthy flow creates a strong and vital body, whereas blocks impair its natural flow, leading to physical discomfort and disease.

Over the years of co-operation with my father, I have worked with many cancer patients and developed a deep understanding of their special needs and challenges as well as the opportunity to grow through emotional healing.